Enterprise Resource Planning System


ycfoERP 1.6 provided a customized ERP solution that was extremely useful with the following modules.  The ERP system that supports multi-branch and multi-level user authentication and authorisation

Multi-branch and multi warehouse support:

Support multiple branches, stores, warehouse types of data storing and consolidation process for fetching data from multiple branches, stores, warehouse and display in the single report means the user can see multiple companies' data in the single report.

Prduction Planning / Manufacturing Processes Automation

ycfoERP PP (Production Planning Module) is designed for integrating different departments involved in production and manufacturing. ycfoERP PP also have extensive functionality e.g. Manage Plans, Work Center, BOM, Routing, Work Planning, Production Queue, Production Process and much more

ERP Inventory Module

YcfoERP Inventory module supporting the product matrix, assembly and expiry. The functionality of this module is to manage product information print bar code for an item, open stock, warehouse description, item pricing, stock management, inventory-related reports and adjustments. The benefits of this module are the proper management of items used in the sales and purchase module.


This module enables supplier management, quote purchase, purchase order, invoice purchase, return purchase, value generation of products, credit note and related documents. Some advantages of the system are vendor management, purchasing an item from a supplier, and returning the product to the supplier. It also impacts product stocks, banks, and accounts.


The purpose of this module is for customer service, sales quotation purchase order, sales invoice, sales return, point of sale and related documents. This module could be used to handle sales and return product. This software also incorporates related system information with stocks, banks and accounts.


Point of Sale module is available from the warehouse to sell an item. This module updates the product of the stock and produces an appropriate voucher.

It has emerged as one of the largest selling ERP systems. The system has centralized and streamlined all processes across different departments of the organization Improved information exposure across different business units Improved financial reporting due to integration with each business line.

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